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the Seagull - Kuandu Arts Festival

Artistic Director Narumi Kouhei
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Contemporary [ DANCE + NOU ] ; Hanjo / Lady Aoi
Contemporary [ DANCE + NOU ] ; Hanjo / Lady Aoi

the Seagull - The 19th BeSeTo Theatre Festival

La Mouette - Dainanagekijo World Tour 2010-2011

Hanjô / The Lady AOI

Hanjo / Aoi-no-ue

The basis of our performance and creation of our acts are applied through the Method which incorporates the Japanese traditional performing arts, such as Kabuki and Noh.The Method is taken in our daily training for vocalization and physical conditioning.
We pursue uniqueness of theatrical performance and its performing effects, with a collaboration of the ancient Japanese physique and of the contemporary dance, which is different from screen images such as TV and movie. Our performance is mainly of the world tragedies, and extensively from Greek tragedy and Japanese traditional play to Modernity Play. We express strongly and acutely about the universal problems all mankind has faced, such as war, society, religion and race.

Artistic Director Narumi Kouhei
Narumi Photo
(c)Fujikura Yoshirou
Artistic Director Profile:
Artistic Director of three theatres - Tsu Akebono-Za, Tsu Akebono-Za SQUARE, Théâtre de Belleville, at Tsu, Mie préfecture since 2014. And Director of "Dainanagekijo, Theatre Company since 1999.

Received « Grants for Overseas Study by Young Artists » of POLA ART FOUNDATION, in France 2012-2013.
A director of The Performing Arts Festival at atelier SENTIO, Tokyo « SENTIVAL! » from 2008 to 2013.
Born in 1979, Hokkaido, Japan. Residence in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, Japan.

Diploma from Waseda University, First Literature Department. Degree in Theatre and Images. Directed famous dramas of all ages and countries, such as Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, Becket, Yukio Mishima etc. Characteristics of the dramatic interpretation is picking out human universality from text of drama and showing affluence and loneliness we face regardless of our nationality and the ages. Performance has received high appraisal at home and abroad for the physicality in which Japanese traditional performing arts coexist with contemporary and for the aesthetic compositions of the theatrical space. Directed productions were performed at 20 cities in Japan and abroad.

Other activities include instructional fostering, such as workshops for actors, workshops for high school and elementary school students, and special lectures at universities.

Théâtre de Belleville,
2104 Misatocho Misato, Tsu, Mie Prefecture, JAPAN 514-2113

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